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Repairs and maintenance for all MTU and Mercedes OM engines according to manufacturers specifications
  • Specialized in MTU Series 099, 183, 396, 595, 1163, 2000, 4000
  • Specialized in MTU Automation- and Engine Control Systems
  • Diagnosis & parameter adjustment with MTU DiaSys
  • Service and reconditioning of alternators, starter-motors and compressors
  • Repairs and spares for water pumps of MTU, Steimel, Sihi, Johnson, Jabsco and Rusch
  • Overhaul of injection pumps and injectors
  • Overhaul of turbo-chargers
  • Overhaul of starter-motors & alternators
  • Surveys & creation of engine reports
  • Engine and transmission alignments
  • Spare parts stockage and support for your carefree trips
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Laser Shaft Alignment


Now available from Diesel-Doc!

Laser Alignment Tool SKF TKSA 41

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Laser Alignment Tool SKF TKSA 41

Shaft alignment


Reduce machinery breakdowns by up to 50% and increase your uptime 
It’s a fact. Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. Accurately aligning shafts can prevent a large number of machinery breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime that results in a loss of production. In today’s challenging environment of reducing costs and optimizing assets, the necessity of accurate shaft alignment is now greater than ever. 

What is shaft misalignment? 
Machines need to be aligned in both horizontal and vertical plane. The misalignment can be due to parallel or angular misalignment and in fact is a combination of both. 















A. Parallel misalignment (or offset) 
B. Angular misalignment 
C. Correct alignment 

Technical data



Sensors and communication

29 mm (1.1 in.) CCD with line laser Class 2 
Inclinometer ±0.5°; Bluetooth 4.0 LE and wired, USB cables

System measuring distance

7 to 400 cm

Measuring errors

< 0,5% ±5 µm

Alignment method

Alignment of horizontal shafts, 3 position measurement 9 -12 -3, automatic measurement, measurement (with min. 90° rotation), soft foot

Live correction values

Vertical and horizontal


2 × V-brackets with chains, width 21 mm or

2 x Magnetic V-brackets

Shaft diameters

20 to 300 mm

Max. coupling height

105 mm  with standard rods 
195 mm  with extension rods

Operating temperature

0 to 45 °C

MV-RAD 34-90°
MV-RAD 34-90°



• TORQUE RANGE: 340 - 3.400 Nm.


• SQUARE DRIVE: 1 inch square drive.



Dimensions MV-RAD 34-90°

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CNC Gasket Fabrication via Laser or Milling

CNC machine

We can fabricate paper gaskets of up to

800mm x 600mm in one piece, on our CNC milling machine.

Either from an old gasket, as template, or from a variety of formats such as:





Gasket material in stock:

Frenzelit novapress® FLEXIBLE/815 in 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0mm

Frenzelit  isoplan® 1100 GREENLINE for exhaust systems in 2,0mm


CNC machine side view
novapress® FLEXIBLE/815
novapress® FLEXIBLE/815
 isoplan® 1100 GREENLINE
isoplan® 1100 GREENLINE
Technical information about novapress® FLEXIBLE/815
Adobe Acrobat Document 813.6 KB
Technical information about isoplan®1100 GREENLINE
Adobe Acrobat Document 311.9 KB

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